Tongkat Ali Supplements: A Safe and Natural Way to Boost Testosterone Levels

Consuming Tongkat Ali Eurycomanone longifolia powder is considered a safe and natural way to boost testosterone production. As men reach their 30s, they experience a gradual decline in this male hormone that worsens with age. This can cause a range of problems, such as a reduced sex drive and more difficulty burning fat and building lean muscle through exercising. Men with low testosterone levels may experience fatigue and mild depression as a result.

About Tongkat Ali

Eurycomanone longifolia is extracted from the root of the longjack tree, which is native to Malaysia and Indonesia. Tongkat Ali is a nickname for the tree as well and is typically used to identify the supplement instead of its chemical name. The results not only help the body produce more testosterone, but more testosterone is also freed up and made available for effective use in the body.

Testosterone Levels

The availability of this male hormone in the body is an essential point to understand. At any time, much of the hormone is bound to two proteins and thus is not free for the body to use. As with total testosterone levels, this problem worsens with age. Even in a man with relatively normal male hormone levels, much of it may be unavailable because of chemical reactions within the body.

Relevant Research

Scientific research supports the use of this supplement for elevating testosterone. A review of studies that was published in the Journal of Plant Biochemistry & Physiology noted that the eurycomanone compound was found effective for better results in weight training. Another study mentioned in this review found that Tongkat Ali was effective in raising low testosterone levels to normal in about 91 percent of the participants.

Research Focus

The research has mainly focused on men with low levels of the hormone and on men experiencing moderate stress. Abnormally high levels of the stress hormone cortisol reduce the amount of testosterone produced. Cortisol is useful when people must make fast decisions and act quickly in a stressful or scary situation. However, it has unhealthy effects when it is continuously at high levels associated with chronic stress. Tongkat Ali supplements may be helpful for men dealing with stress at work or elsewhere.

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