Brandon Drawz Swimming –3 Compelling Reasons to Encourage Your Child to Swim at an Early Age


As a parent, you probably know how important it is for your children to learn certain essential life skills before they leave home to make their fortune in this world. This includes learning how to swim proficiently. It may come as a surprise for you to know that according to the latest statistics from the experts of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention 332 people die annually from drowning. However, the most frightening part of this information is one in every five of these victims is below the age of 15 years. This should give you enough reason to encourage your child to learn swimming at an early age.

Brandon Drawz Swimming – 3 Reasons for encouraging your child to swim at an early age

Brandon Drawz is a prominent athlete and professional swimmer from Illinois with more two decades of valuable experience under his belt in field of coaching promising youngsters at the college level. In recognition of his service, he has the honor of holding the post of Board Member of USA Swimming for 8 years. He has also held the position of Head Manager of American National Swimming team in a number of prestigious tournaments aboard. These include the World University Games, World Championships and World Cup. The nature of his job has given him the opportunity to travel to various parts of the United States. Currently, he is the President of Husky Swimming Foundation and Enterprise Sports Consortium. Brandon Drawz Swimming students are able to pick up the skills of a professional swimmer at a young age. He says the following are the prime reasons why parents should encourage their children to learn swimming-

  1. Safety

This is perhaps one of the most important reason why you should encourage your children to learn swimming at an early age. It is a vital life skill that they will be able to retain as they grow old. Soccer, athletics, baseball, karate, tennis and golf are no doubt ideal sports for child to learn. However, if in an adverse situation, he/she fall from a cliff or a boat into the water, it is swimming that will eventually save his/her life.

  1. Ideal for exercise

In age where there is growing concerns about obesity among children and youngsters, swimming is an idea physical activity for your kids to learn. It enables them to exercise almost every part of their body, boosts their lung capacity, good for their heart and enhances their metabolism. Moreover, it is a low-impact sport that allows them to ton their legs, arms, abdomen, and their backs.

  1. Inexpensive activity

In comparison to learning other sporting activities, you do not have to burn your pocket teaching your children how to swim proficiently. There are a number of public swimming pools across America that charge reasonable prices for allowing the public to use their facilities. However, if you want them to be close to nature, you could also take them to the nearest pond or lake.

Brandon Drawz Swimming students improve their mental and physical health with daily swimming practice. It is an essential life skill that will stay with them forever. It helps them to stay physically healthy and fit for the rest of their life.

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